Come out and play!

Today is National Coming Out Day!



What should you do if someone decides to come out to you today?

You should remember that this person that you adored 30 seconds ago is the same exact person they’ve always been.

You should think about how awesome it is that this person trusted you enough to confide such a huge thing to you.

You should give them a hug and let them know that you still love them.

You should have an open and honest conversation, being respectful of each other, asking any questions that you may need answered.

You should learn more from websites like HRC, PFLAG, GLAD, and local groups. Do research on GLBTQ pioneers.

You should continue to support them on their journey.


What should you not do?

You should not recoil in fear, disgust, or sadness.

You should not tell them that they are a sinner.

You should not ask them how they have sex.

You should not tell anyone else. Nope, not even that one person that you are dying to spill to.


If you came out today:

You did it.

You are beautiful.

I am here for you.

Never give up.



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