I did not mean for this to be a rant, but…

Today I went from having relatively longish hair to a shaved head (see photo.) I didn’t really think about it; I just drove to the hair place and said, “do it,” and they did. And it looks great. People have questioned my sexuality for decades, and I’ve always refused to say if they are right or wrong. Regardless of who I love, I am the person that I am, and they should choose to accept me based on that, nothing else. I know this will make them question me even more, and I will continue to let them guess. I will continue to be made fun of and doubted because of the way I look.

Society likes to fit everyone into a nice, neat package, and god help you if you don’t. I am fat, tattooed, and have a mostly shaved head. I am definitely not what society deems “normal”, and why would I want to be? Normal is boring.

If you want to be a boy, be a boy. If you want to be a girl, be a girl. If you want to be both, or neither, then go for it. Hell, if you want to quit shaving and say you are an orangutan, do it! The only thing that should matter is who you are as a person and how you treat others.

And if you want to be “normal”, than have at it. But do it because you want to, not because you think you have to; there is a huge difference between the two. And be nice to the people who are different. Stand up for the underdog, help someone out, treat everyone how you’d like to be treated.

With a society and a “president” who only supports you if you are straight, white, and well off, we need to stand together more than ever. There are way more freaks than there are normals, but we are too afraid to come out and play. Why? People are mean, I completely get that. The normals are very vocal and willing to hurt anyone who is different because clearly we must not have feelings. We need to let our voices be heard, loud and proud:


Conformity is dangerous, to the point of being deadly. People are DYING y’all, because of bullying. How is this okay? How are we allowing society to be so mean to one another that the only way someone can be free is to kill themselves? How are we letting little kids cry and be in such pain because someone continually makes fun of them?

Teach the next generation to be kind and to accept those who are different, and to fight the Man and fight for the rights of everyone.

You are beautiful, and you are exactly who you are supposed to be. Never, ever forget that.



  1. Amen! God Bless you. You’re brave and speak from the heart. A beautiful message for all to hear. Be you. It’s that simple and for many that difficult. Thank you.

    • Thank you, Michelle!
      After 38 years, I am finally trying to be me, a little bit at least!

  2. 🐒🦍🌻💜
    Will always love you no matter who or what you are or do. I will be supportive and stand beside you no matter what. Unfortunately bullying has been around since the beginning of time, it’s just getting more and more serious and people are dying because of it. I was bullied in jr high back in the late 60’s and again in high school a few years later. Guys thought it was cute and I was happy for the attention. Didn’t at the time think of it as bullying but in a way it was. Did not change me in anyway but now bullying has gone to a new level and needs to be reported. Bullying is not cute or funny. It needs to be stopped. Sorry, I kind of went off on your blog.
    Anyways, LOVE you. 💜 Always have, always will.

    • I was very lucky to be born into an accepting family. Love you too.
      And no need to be sorry – I hope this blog can be used as a forum for exactly what you are doing!

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