Urine the wrong bathroom, honey…

I just posted this on Facebook…

Uh oh, I just used the men’s room because the women’s room had a line. Sinner! Anti-American hag! Feminazi! Person who had to pee!

Maybe I am hypersensitive because of the current social and political climate we live in.

Maybe my shaved head and big rainbow tree tattoo combined with the fact that I was a girl in the boy’s room caused the dirty looks.

Maybe the other women were jealous that they didn’t have the nerve to go into a boy’s bathroom, and instead were more comfortable doing the pee-pee dance in public.

Maybe people need to just get over themselves.

Thinking more about it, it’s a scary world. I could have easily been followed and attacked simply for what someone perceived me to be. It’s happening all over the world, even if the crimes aren’t reported. And the people who say, “Calm down, that doesn’t actually happen, you’re being dramatic,” are the same people who are secretly (and sometimes not so secretly) hoping that I am bashed for genderbending a little bit or for their assumptions on my sexuality.  They are the ones who are more concerned about things that don’t affect them – say, two boys kissing, or if someone wears a hijab, or *gasp* what bathroom a person uses – rather than paying attention to the real issues.

Believe me, I did not mean to start out this blog as such a focus on gender and how people may or may not perceive me. But I feel this is an issue the impacts all of us, whether we stand on one side of the argument or the other, and it is something that needs to be dealt with.

I will post other things though, promise!


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